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This is the wiki for a Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition campaign set in the homebrew campaign setting of Ostboria.

Ostboria is a world based on the “points of light” concept, describing pockets of civilization in a dark and untamed world.

Millennia ago the old gods created the world and the intelligent races of the world. Those gods are gone now, what happened to them and where they went is lost to time. In there place terrible cryptic gods have replaced them. One of these inscrutable gods took control of the races of man, ruling over the planet for over 5000 years. During the time of the empire the races were kept separate and restricted from advancing. Practically kept as slaves. Tieflings were the administrators of this empire. During the last 700 years, the administration of this empire was especially cruel and oppressing; therefore it is now called the Time of Tyranny.

72 years ago, a mortal hero, a human known as Ortwin managed the impossible, he destroyed the evil god emperor. Since that time the no one speaks the name of the former ruler, naming him only as “The Tyrant”. Since the death of “The Tyrant” the world has collapsed into a power vacuum. With their power gone many teifling were killed and in their place petty warlords and hopeful kings fight over scraps of land and petty kingdoms.

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